What Is The Best Beginners Keyboard?

Buyers Guide – Which Keyboard Should I Buy?

What is the best beginners keyboard?

When buying a piano, a digital piano, an arranger, a synthesizer, a midi controller or any keyboard instrument, first you should ask the following questions –

Does it have enough keys?

Will it be suitable for me to play and study?

Will it be suitable for my needs?

What types of music can I play without any issues?

In this blog post I will show you the most common keyboards and provide information on each. Everyone’s best beginners keyboard will be different, but at least you can make and educated purchase.

Standard Keyboard – 88 keys in total

best beginners keyboard 

88 keys is the industry standard measure of the keyboard of a grand piano, upright piano, many digital pianos, synthesizers, workstations, and arrangers. You can’t go wrong with one of these, there is nothing you can’t play and learn from our online piano tutorials.

How many Octaves? 7 octaves in total

What genres is the best for? All genres of music and is especially good for classical music as these compositions tend to make full use of the keyboard.

Slightly Smaller Keyboard – 76 keys in total

76 keys keyboard

Shorter only 12 keys than a traditional piano, the keyboard to 76 keys is primarily used in digital pianos, synthesizers, workstations, and arranger.

This keyboard is only a little bit smaller than the traditional piano. 12 keys shorter in total leaving 76 keys for you to play with.

How Many Octaves?: 6 complete octaves

What genres is the best for? Mainly used for things like pop, rock and electronic

Smaller Keyboard – 61 keys in total

61 keys keyboard

The 61-key keyboard, 27 in less than a traditional keyboard, is used on keyboards, synthesizers, arranger, midi controller, Hammond clones (single and double manual).

This keyboard has 27 keys less than standard leaving 61 in total. Often found on synths, midi controllers and keyboards.

How many octaves?: 5 octaves

What genres is the best for? Only really pop, rock and electronic.

Synth Size Keyboard – 49 keys

37 keys keyboard

The 49-key keyboard is probably the best solution for synths, arrangers and midi controllers.

How many octaves? 4 octaves (C to C).

What genres is the best for? Electronic music and pop music

Toy/Synth Size Keyboard – 37 keys

37 keys keyboard

As the keyboards get smaller they get less flexible musically and become more limited. This one is mainly limited to being a synth or arranger/midi controller.

How many octaves? 3 octaves

What genres is the best for? electronic music or simple pop – good for playing melodies but not great for chord progressions

Mini Keyboard – 25 keys

25 keys keyboard

This is the smallest keyboard currently in production, can play melodies but not much else. Also this is the size often used in Kids Toy products.

How many octaves? 2 octaves

What genres is the best for? electronic music, simple melodies on the toy plane

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