What is the best beginners Piano?

Buyers Guide – What is the Best Beginners Piano?

Best Beginners Piano Buyers Guide

For a beginner to get the maximum return for their studies we recommend the purchase of a digital piano or keyboard. Digital version costs less and also require little maintenance and no tuning costs. We often find with digital pianos that even five years after the initial purchase they still function perfectly and sound great. A real piano does feel slightly different but for a complete beginner this is perfectly fine.

Once you begin to make progress on your digital piano and you decide you want to continue your studies further, then it may be time to invest in a mechanical piano. In our opinion a digital Piano does not compare to a real mechanical one so if you can afford it in the beginning then get one as soon as you can. Choosing which piano to buy is a very important decision as for many people a piano is for life.

One way to limit the risk of making a wrong choice is to lease a piano rather than buy it outright. Once you have paid off the lease most dealers then allow you to pay a small which lets you become the sole owner of the instrument. So for example if a piano costs £3000 and you get it on a lease you may pay £100 for 30 months, but once you have paid the £3000 you can request to purchase the piano, for a small fee like an additional £100.00. Our Advice would be to always do it this way.

Once you have your contract sorted, it’s time to choose the brand. Some of the most popular bands are Yamaha, Stanway & Sons, Petroff and Kaway. These are all very solid brands. If you get one of these for your first purchase you shouldn’t have many problems. Also unless you have a big soundproofed room you should probably avoid getting a grand piano.

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