Buying A Used Piano Tutorial

How to Choose a Used Piano Tutorial

It is important that you know some things about the piano before purchasing your first one. If you are buying a new piano then you don’t need to worry about this article as much. As most new pianos will be finely tuned beasts ready and willing to be played. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for used pianos, however using this used piano tutorial hopefully you will be able to find a bargain.

Let’s have a look at some of the things you need to know:

The Serial Number

The serial number is unique and assigned to each piano.   This tells you exactly when the instrument was made.

Knowing your Piano Serial Number is essential for two reasons:

  • It tells you the age
  • You can confirm that the piano is the age the seller is trying to sell you it for. Be careful of sellers trying to take off a few years to trick you out of money.

Just type piano followed by the serial number into google and you should be able to find the age relatively easily. If this fails go to the manufacturers website and you should be able to find the information there. If all else fails send them an email.

piano serial number

Alignment Keys and Hammers

On a good condition piano all the hammers will appear in a straight line. If this isn’t the case then notes can sound slightly out of tune. You should inspect this when purchasing a used Piano.

You Can Test the keyboard easily –

To check everything is in good, working condition it is not necessary to be a virtuoso pianist. You can simply play a chromatic scale in ascending or descending order covering the entire keyboard. Then you can do this just for each octave. Do this a few times and if the sound stays consistent and the notes ring out nicely then it tells you that mechanically everything is working ok.

Hammer wear

You also need to check the hammers for wear. Continuous striking of the stings eventually causes grooves to form. You need to check the depth of these. The deeper they are the more the sound of the piano will have a metallic resonance. If this happens you need to get them repaired or replaced to regain the original, pure sound of the instrument.

piano hammers
piano pedals

Next Check the Piano pedals

Firstly check the number. A modern Piano has 3 pedals. If it has two pedals then it is an older Piano. Sometimes dealers can polish older pianos and make them look brand new, do not be deceived. Remember, no matter how pretty it looks the important thing is how it sounds.


The strings can also have an average life span. Eventually they will rust and need replacing. Make sure you check these when purchasing a piano.

Used Piano Tutorial Summary

Hopefully now after reading this article you will be prepared and informed when making your first piano purchase.


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