The Best Piano and Keyboard Lessons Available Online Today

the ultimate guide

Are you looking for the best way to learn piano online?

Would you like a simple straight forward course that can take you from absolute beginner to a competent player in as little time as possible?

One of the big problems is that the keyboard information product market is a profitable one and many of the online piano lesson websites are ran with a focus on getting their creators rich rather than focusing on getting their students to play the piano


With the thousands of available online courses, dvds and books it really can be a case of “Where the hell do I begin?” and “Who can I trust?”


Well look no further – Key To The Keyboard have tested dozens of the most reputable online Piano and Keyboard training courses so you don’t have to.


Below we will get onto our online piano lessons reviews but before we get started with the lessons lets cover some of the common burning questions…

Question 1 – Can I learn the Piano online?

The answer is YES…


Following the online piano lessons on this site absolutely anyone, including you, can achieve a competent level that will allow you to enjoy and play the piano on your own, in front of your family and friends or even out playing concerts. Obviously this all depends on your expectations, goals and desires. But with the right piano tuition website, anything is possible!


Here you can learn to play the piano completely from scratch, in a few lessons without any prior knowledge of the instrument or music theory.


YOU CAN learn to play the piano with these diverse, engaging and dynamic classes.


You will be playing your favourite songs in no time.


These Step by Step Online Piano Tutorials will show you the way.


We literally give you the Key to the Keyboard.

Question 2 – Is it worth buying lessons when there are so many free lessons available on YouTube?

Online lessons have become an invaluable resource for the piano playing community.


Thanks to the internet you now have instant access to top quality lessons from some of the greatest pianists in the world.


On the flipside of this you also have instant access to a sea of bad information, terrible tutors and any wannabe bedroom pianist with a video camera.


If you want the best online piano lessons from the top players in the business, then you have to be prepared to pay a little bit for it. There truly are countless benefits to this:


  • You are learning from and have access to some of the best instructors in the world

  • The courses have a clear structure and will hold your hand from beginner to pro

  • The lessons have already been completed by hundreds of other players who can verify how amazing they are!

  • There is support available 24/7 for any problems you have

  • These courses all offer a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!


Piano lessons online youtube unfortunately do not have any of the above, the quality is poor and you never know if you are really getting the best advice or what the tutor’s credentials are.

Question 3 – How do these online courses compare to paying for private tuition?

One of the biggest benefits of paying for online keyboard tuition is that it is significantly cheaper than hiring a private tutor. You really can save so much money and there are a wide range of other benefits –


  • You can learn at your own pace

  • There is literally no pressure

  • You can learn at any time of day

  • You can learn in a comfortable environment

  • You can re-do the lessons over and over again until you have completely mastered it.

  • If you find yourself 6 months down the line forgetting what you learned you can quickly go back and watch the video again

  • If you feel a lesson is too basic you can skip it which is something you can’t really do with a private tutor.

Question 4 – I already have a Piano teacher, do I still need online lessons?

YES Again!


These keyboard tutorials can be the perfect supplement for your learning. Our lessons can help save you money and speed up your learning process greatly!


Do not forget that patience is everything. Although some of the keyboard exercises may seem impossible now, keep at them, never give up.


By stimulating our brains with music it is scientifically proven that we create new neural networks.


Taking these online piano lessons for adults constantly sharpens your senses and coordination skills.


When you first begin you will find it difficult but after repetition and practice your brain will adjust and you will be able to play with ease compositions you never even dreamed of.